What is mygreatjobs?

mygreatjobs – pronounced like "migrate jobs" – is a job platform for migrants, i.e. people that are searching for new opportunities in Germany far away from home.

 mygreatjobs is a job platform for:

  • people that have moved to Germany from abroad:
    • recognized refugees, even if they speak little or no German,
    • immigrants that have already lived in Germany for some time and German citizens with a migration background,
    • expatriates.
  • Businesses and organizations that want to employ people with an inter-cultural background:
    • because they value their special qualifications and/or
    • because they consider it their responsibility to support refugees/migrants to start a new life and integrate into German society.
  • Relief organizations for refugees and/or migrants:
    • People that want to help refugees and/or migrants.

There is also a short description of mygreatjobs in Persian and Turkish.

Why do we do this?

We believe that the world faces great challenges in the near future. Wars and climate change will inevitably cause people to leave their homes and move to safer countries like Germany. Finding a job is crucial for those migrants and refugees to successfully start a new life and become part of the German society.

All members of the mygreatjobs team have been abroad often and sometimes for extended periods of time. During those stays we have experienced great generosity and hospitality. At the same time we know how important it is to be able to work. This becomes even more important when starting a new life in a foreign country.

In addition to the job offers we will publish information about the German job market, especially for people that are new in Germany.

How came mygreatjobs to be?

In 2015, the refugee crisis did become more and more urgent. It made us realize how important jobs are to enable refugees and migrants to successfully integrate into their new surroundings. Through our job platform greenjobs.de we have gained extensive knowledge about the German job market and learned how to successfully bring job seekers and employers together. Many job offers listed on greenjobs.de in the past had already been directed at people with a migration background. This demonstrates that our clients – the employers – are concerned about this topic as well.

Why isn't mygreatjobs free of charge?

mygreatjobs is meant to be a permanent project that should be able to exist without external funding beyond the current refugee crisis. We aim to provide migrants and refugees with a constant and reliable platform to find jobs and help to integrate in Germany.

Call for Networking!

We are aware of several platforms and initiatives that provide similar services. We want to work together with those initiatives to maximize the help for refugees and migrants. We are certain that there is a niche for everyone. At the same time we believe that building strong networks is crucial to successfully master the challenges ahead of us.

We would love to hear from you if you are interested in exchange and/or cooperation.

Behind the scenes: